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Infrastructure is one of the prime mover or key important factors in Indonesia development

Dr. Bambang Susantono –¬†Chairman of Executive Board CSID


By having well-planned infrastructures, we believe that potential breakthroughs will make the infrastructure projects development more efficient, more effective, and therefore, more beneficial for public and private sectors.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Berawi –¬†Executive Board Member of CSID


Finance and Asset Management Cluster

Finance and Asset Management

This cluster conducts research activities that focus on engineering (design), infrastructure financing management and asset management. Multi-disciplinary research developed in this cluster include: concept design and planning based on value creation, cost effectiveness and economic feasibility; operational management and asset management; the role and impact of government policies and regulations; as well as the development of project financing based on public private partnership schemes. The research has the objective to accelerate infrastructure development in the fields of transportation, water, and energy resources.

Sustainable Water Management Cluster

Sustainable Water Management

The Sustainable water management research cluster is a field of research that is concerned with the development of water infrastructure and water resources management. The research activities focus on the development of water infrastructure and other infrastructure projects to produce clean water supply as well as projects to secure the infrastructures required to support food security, controlling flooding and treating waste as an effort to improve quality of life.

Sustainable Mobility Cluster

Sustainable Mobility Research

The Sustainable mobility research cluster is a multidisciplinary field of research involving expertise in transportation, architecture, and urban planning. The research activities focus on the development and sustainability of urban planning, the development of rail-based public transport infrastructure along with airports and seaports in order to improve accessibility and logistics efficiency.

Sustainable Energy Cluster

Sustainable  Energy  Cluster

The Sustainable energy research cluster focuses on the infrastructure of energy management and development. This cluster conducts activities to improve the sustainability of energy supply, reduce energy subsidies and greenhouse gases emissions, and increase the use of renewable energy as an alternative energy by means of sustainable infrastructure projects.